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"When the power of love
overcomes the love of power,
The World will know peace."
(Jimi Hendrix)

The collective call of humanity will wait for power and greed no longer it will wait only for those who choose a better way. This opportunity will be bestowed among those with the courage to see through the darkness and glimpse the light.

It is time on the Earth plain when those of you who have been called to walk in the light, feel bound by your roles as Guides, teachers and Lightworkers. Many of you are already some way along your journey, but others are still awakening to the call in order to fulfill these roles.

However, some are falling away from their path because of a great misunderstanding of the Ascension process. The purging of old belief systems and the cleansing process can be a frightening experience simply because of a lack of knowledge and understanding.

You the modern-day Seers and Guides of the new way will offer reprieve to those who also choose to realize their ability to illuminate from within. Spirit is waiting for your light to shine forth like the beacons of much needed hope for mankind. There are big changes about to happen on the Earth plain and many of you are being called to assist others through this ascension process.

"Whispers on the Winds"
by Thelma Moore and Carolyn Durling
198 pages - "Truth will always out."

Little Hawk gives sincere thanks to master musician
Tim Wheater - Link

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